The newly launched Dianhuozhen Ecological Trail attracts people to experience it.

(Provided by Ishioka Ward Office)

[Reporter Ou Sumei/Taichung Report] The Dianhuozhen Ecological Trail in Shigang District, Taichung City has not been repaired for more than 20 years, and some facilities are old and damaged. The Shigang District Office sought 15 million yuan from the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications for the first phase of the project in order to drive tourists. , to repair Xinshi Community to Guozhong Lane, and build new scenic spots and facilities. Recently, it was newly opened. Today, a special hiking event was held, attracting 500 people to participate in the experience. Shigang District Office hopes to take this opportunity to create a new opportunity for Shigang Trail hiking tourism.

Wu Shiwei, director of the Civil Affairs Bureau, said that Shigang Dianhuo Town has a history of 100 years and has 1,922 people. In order to make every household in Shigang brightly lit, Taipower manually excavated Dianhuo Town and introduced water from Babao Town to provide hydropower for the Sheliaojiao Power Plant.

The surrounding area of ​​Dianhuo Town is not only rich in flora and fauna, but also shady with trees, making it cool and comfortable to walk on. The trail is 2.5 kilometers in length. In the first phase, 1.8 kilometers of trails will be refurbished, and the second half of the 700-meter trail will continue to strive for central subsidies to create a family-friendly trail. The best place for interactive learning and ecological education.

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Liu Suxing, head of Shigang District, explained that this project uses the image LOGO to create an exclusive Dianhuo Zhenshui cultural brand, which can be seen everywhere on railings, pavements, and entrance images, as well as cute wooden owls, hot air balloons and other installation art, and is in cooperation with the Dinanmei community. Develop the Dianhuozhen coffee bag, hoping to let more people know the beauty of Taichung Mountain City through the launch of hiking activities, and promote the development of community culture and tourism industry; and use this to improve the safety of the Dianhuozhen Ecological Trail (Xinshi Community-Guozhong Lane) , injecting new life into the centuries-old town.

Deng Wenguang, chairman of the Nanmei Cultural Promotion Association, said that Dianhuo Town has a rich ecology, with flat roads and lush trees on both sides, such as acacia, maple, aunt, eggplant, blood vine and banyan tree, etc., and a diverse ecological landscape , has always been a private secret place for local people, this renovation has added new ideas to the scenery of the trail.

Shigang District Office pointed out that Dianhuo Town has a history of 101 years, and the ecological trail is very popular among tourists and locals. To create the LOGO of Dianhuozhen, the simplified "light bulb" symbol will be extracted, combined with streamlined curved lines, symbolizing the winding path under the Fengpei River in Dianhuozhen; and the flashing diamond symbol is the lighting of Dianhuozhen. At the moment, the new image emphasizes the light and glory of "Dianhuozhen" that has been running for a hundred years and is still running continuously.

The cute wooden owl installation art on the Dianhuozhen Ecological Trail attracts people to take pictures and check in.

(Provided by Ishioka Ward Office)

Dianhuozhen is surrounded by rich flora and fauna.

(Provided by Ishioka Ward Office)