Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie held a press conference on the morning of the 26th, formally announcing the severance of diplomatic relations with Honduras.

(Photographed by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporter Lu Yixuan/Taipei Report] Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie presided over a press conference today and read out a statement stating that the Republic of China is terminating diplomatic relations with the Republic of Honduras with immediate effect in order to safeguard national dignity.

Wu Zhaoxie said that Honduras and the government of the People's Republic of China are negotiating the establishment of diplomatic relations. After the communication was ineffective, in order to safeguard national sovereignty and dignity, it has been decided to sever diplomatic relations with Honduras from now on, completely suspend bilateral cooperation plans, and withdraw from the embassy, Relevant personnel from the Consulate General in Shantou, the Technical Mission and the Electric Power Mission, and asked Hongguo to close its embassy in Taiwan.

Wu Zhaoxie said that President Xiomara Castro of Honduras and his ruling team have always had illusions about China. In the early days when President Chu took office, the bilateral relations between Taiwan and Hong Kong were once stable.

However, China’s lure to Hongguo has not stopped. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy have grasped the relevant information and dealt with it carefully. However, the Kawachu government also asked us for a huge economic aid of up to 2.45 billion U.S. dollars. , and compare the prices of aid programs offered by Taiwan and China.

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The statement pointed out that based on the traditional friendship, although our side upholds the utmost sincerity and proposes an assistance plan within its ability, Hongfang still makes demands and even publicly releases wrong information, causing harm to our national government.

Wu Zhaoxie explained that for many years, the Chinese government has promoted cooperation plans in Honduras that benefit the national economy and the people's livelihood and assist the overall national development, covering a wide range of fields such as medical care, education, vocational training, energy, infrastructure, economy and trade, and women's empowerment; When Hongguo was hit by typhoons and floods, they immediately provided relief and assisted reconstruction; the technical team has also implemented a number of agricultural, fishery and medical and health projects in Hongguo over the years.

In addition, the government has set up a power group in Hongguo to provide power technical consultation and assistance.

The Kawchu government disregarded our country's long-term assistance and friendship, and negotiated the establishment of diplomatic relations with China. The government feels sad and regretful.

Wu Zhaoxie reminded the international community that China has always used flashy promises to lure our allies to turn around. However, after fulfilling its diplomatic goals, most of the promises have not been fulfilled, and some recipient countries have even fallen into the debt quagmire.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on all countries in the world to recognize China's foreign aid nature of "saying one thing and doing another".

Wu Zhaoxie also warned the Beijing authorities that his repeated false promises to lure my country's allies and reduce my country's diplomatic space have seriously hurt the feelings of the people of Taiwan and accelerated the opposite direction of cross-strait relations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that Taiwan, the Republic of China, is a sovereign and independent country that is not affiliated with the People's Republic of China. This is a fact and the status quo.

Our country will not succumb to the pressure and coercion of the Chinese authoritarian government, but will adhere to the values ​​of freedom and democracy, actively unite with allies and like-minded countries, and work together to maintain regional peace and stability, and strive for Taiwan's due international status.

In response to Honduras’ previous statement that it hoped to continue to maintain business relations with Taiwan, Wu Zhaoxie also confirmed today that in the past few days, Hong Fang had proposed to maintain commercial relations with us after the severance of diplomatic relations. After so long and providing so much assistance, now that diplomatic relations are severed, it is impossible to engage in semi-official exchanges with them.

Hongfang announced today that it has cut off all contact, and believes that China is also playing a certain role behind it.