After his death, 54-year-old American Dennis Kowalski from the city of Milwaukee plans to "resurrect" and for this he paid for the service of storing his body in a special container with liquid nitrogen.

His family - his wife and three children - agreed to such a posthumous procedure.

This was reported by the publication Insider.

According to Kowalski, his "gut" tells him that in 100 years people will have technology that can revive the dead.

"100 years ago, when someone had a heart attack, that was it.

The technology was not advanced enough to bring back to life.

But over the years we've learned that you can manually start someone's heart using defibrillation.

What was once impossible has become routine today," he explains his conviction.

To preserve the body for the future "resurrection", Kowalski decided to use the freezing technology, the so-called cryonics, which he first heard about as a child in the 1970s. 

Now he himself heads the Institute of Cryonics in Michigan.

Here, the bodies of dead people are kept in tanks with liquid nitrogen, the temperature of which reaches -320 degrees Fahrenheit (-160 degrees Celsius).

The service costs 28 thousand dollars.

The storage time is unlimited, until the technology of "return to life" is invented.

"My choice to preserve my body is not based on the fear of death.

It is the love of life that I embrace.

There is a chance to see the future and how cool everything can be in it.

My curiosity captures me," Dennis explained his decision.

His wife and three children agreed to keep him "companion", who believe that the chance of "waking up" after death, although small, still exists.

But the mother refused such a posthumous procedure and asked to be buried next to her husband.

It will be recalled that a man named Brandon Mongolen, who is popular in TikTok, shared his strange theory about what happens to us after death.

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