Representative Hsieh Chang-ting's new book "The Cycle of Kindness in Taiwan and Japan" held a press conference today (26th). In addition to sharing the book, Hsieh Chang-ting also promoted another book "Fluid Tai Chi".

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)

[Reporter Huang Jingyu/Taipei Report] Honduras has severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan today, and former President Ma Ying-jeou will go to China to worship ancestors and exchange ideas tomorrow.

Hsieh Chang-ting, representative to Japan, said that it is not suitable for him to comment on issues related to Ma, because he once lost to Ma Ying-jeou in the election. Lah, the rivers and lakes are dangerous, and the road to China is difficult, please take care of him.”

Chang-ting Hsieh attended the launch of his new book "Chang-ting Hsieh: The Cycle of Kindness between Taiwan and Japan (Exclusive Interview with Japan Sankei Shimbun)" today, and was interviewed at the meeting and said that there were more than 120 countries with the earliest diplomatic relations with my country. Knowing who is responsible for this is a world event.

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In response to a staff member recently recommending Hsieh Chang-ting as the chief justice, Hsieh said that he has persuaded his staff not to recommend it. The task of the chief justice is mainly to interpret the constitution, and his political views are reflected in the constitution on both sides of the strait. Taiwan's future problems may be solved through The constitution, this is his idea, that's why he thought about it, and emphasized that he didn't want to make money. The outside world said that he didn't have confidence in Vice President Lai Qingde and wanted to find a job, so he wanted to be a justice. It made him sad to hear.