In Nigeria, a 33-year-old woman lost her strength and squeezed the owner's balls so hard that he died.

The reason for the dispute was

the husband's request to pay for electricity.

The ghanaweb publication writes about it. 

A state police spokeswoman said the woman was taken into custody.

The applicant stated that a conflict arose between his brother and the woman due to non-payment of the electricity bill.

The brother of the deceased said that the woman grabbed the man's

genitals and dragged him along.

After that, he lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital.

There, doctors pronounced him dead. 

During questioning, the suspect said that the homeowner asked her to pay for the lights, but she insisted

that she would not do so.

How she explained that there was no water in the apartment she was renting.

The woman said that until there is no water supply, she is not going to pay for electricity. 

Currently, the investigation in this case is ongoing.

It will be recalled that the doctor made an incorrect diagnosis and insisted on removing an organ that the woman did not have.

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