Six sailors from the three detained Bulgarian fishing vessels in the Romanian port of Constanta are already in Bulgaria, and the other four will return home tomorrow (today, b.r.).

This was announced in a telephone conversation for BTA by the ambassador of Bulgaria in Romania, Radko Vlaikov.

It is about the three captains and one of the sailors who are staying to seal the three ships tomorrow.

The ambassador specified that the ships will be detained and sealed with a prosecutor's order.

Ambassador Vlaikov expressed his satisfaction with the release of the Bulgarian sailors.

He emphasized that in the last 36 hours, the efforts of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy were fully focused on the work of releasing the sailors, and how the issue with the ships will develop depends entirely on the Romanian prosecutor's office.

Our ambassador in Bucharest: Three of the Bulgarian sailors have already been released

Ambassador Vlaikov earlier announced that the crew of one of the three detained Bulgarian fishing vessels in the Romanian port of Constanta was released after the questioning of its captain was completed.

According to him, after the questioning of the captains of the other two ships, they will also be released.

He added that relatives of the sailors arrived on the spot and brought them clothes.

Ambassador Vlaikov said earlier that, given the lateness of the interrogations, the Romanian authorities would probably allow sailors who failed to return to Varna tonight to spend the night on one of the ships and it would be sealed tomorrow morning.


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