Mandarin Airlines will fly to Matsu Nangan with ATR-72 aircraft starting today (26th).

(Provided by Mandarin Airlines)

[Reporter Chen Xinyu/Taipei Report] The second airline enters Matsu!

Mandarin Airlines made its first flight of "Taipei Songshan-Matsu Nangan" today. It is the second airline to fly to Matsu after Uni Air. However, some people complained that "the number of flights is the same, and the seats will be taken by travel agencies!" Minister of Transport Wang Guocai said in an interview before taking the inaugural flight today (26th) that he asked the chairman of Mandarin Airlines Xie Shiqian, and Huaxin said that it was like this at the beginning. seat.

The Transportation Committee of the Legislative Yuan visited Matsu today. Wang Guocai pointed out in an interview that Uni Air flew to Beigan in 1998 and Nangan in 2003. Local legislator Chen Xuesheng believes that only two or more airlines can promote fair competition in the market, so in 2019 The Transportation Committee of the Legislative Yuan approved the request to the Ministry of Transportation to coordinate with Huaxin to prepare for the flight to Matsu, including the pilots and aircraft preparations, which also passed the review. The flight will start today, hoping to increase the transportation capacity and develop Matsu tourism into a place that attracts the attention of the world.

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Mandarin Airlines’ inaugural flight AE-7901 from Taipei Songshan to Matsu Nangan took off on time at 10:30 this morning and is expected to arrive at 11:30.