Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie held a press conference on the morning of the 26th, formally announcing the severance of diplomatic relations with Honduras.

(Photographed by reporter Luo Peide)

[Reporter Lu Yixuan/Taipei Report] My country broke off diplomatic relations with Honduras today. As to whether this time point was manipulated by China, Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie said today that he highly doubts this, because Hongguo and China have already negotiated a turnaround. It was deliberately done on the eve of President Tsai's visit.

Wu Zhaoxie also confirmed that my country's policy of "not accepting double recognition" has changed. As long as there is a country that wishes to strengthen relations with Taiwan, "we will not rule it out." Especially, we will strengthen relations with countries with similar ideas.

With immediate effect, our country will completely stop the bilateral cooperation plan with Honduras, and will evacuate relevant personnel from the embassy, ​​the consulate general in Shantou, the technical mission and the electric power mission, and ask Hongguo to close its embassy in Taiwan.

Wu Zhaoxie explained at the press conference today that there are a total of 61 family members and technical team members of the Chinese embassy in Honduras. Some of the manpower will be transferred to other friendly countries, and the rest will return to Taiwan.

In addition, there are about 100 local expatriates, and it is estimated that their lives will not be affected.

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In fact, Honduras hoped to communicate with China and Taiwan at the same time as early as 2012. However, during the KMT ruling period, our country's policy was not to accept "double recognition" between friendly countries on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

However, in a recent interview with the Spanish-language media INFOBAE, Minister of Foreign Affairs Yu Dayo bluntly stated that China welcomes Argentina to interact with China and Taiwan at the same time as my country does its best to exclude Taiwan, and calls on all countries to think deeply about this. .

Honduras had previously stated that it hoped to maintain business relations with my country even if diplomatic ties were severed. However, in today's diplomatic severance statement, it changed its statement to cut off all contacts and reiterated the "one-China principle", which is consistent with the usual statement of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Wu Zhaoxie said today that he believed that China played a certain role behind the scenes.

Regarding whether my country officially supports the dual recognition policy, Wu Zhaoxie said at a press conference today in response to media questions, "We have not ruled out any situation." When any country wishes to improve relations with us, whether it is politics, diplomacy, economics, trade or culture, we will do so. Seriously think about research and discussion on how to expand the international space.

Wu Zhaoxie also emphasized domestically that China's diplomatic suppression of Taiwan is to suppress the normal participation of the Taiwanese people in the international arena. "This is not limited to one political party or one person. This is a problem facing our country." We should think about how to expand the international space.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has many levels of foreign relations, and will continue to work hard to expand the international space, especially in countries with similar ideas. For example, the Czech Republic is visiting Taiwan. I believe that people in Taiwan can feel that Taiwan has achieved many results in the relationship between countries with similar ideas. .