Actor and artistic director of "Diesel Studio"

Yehor Krutogolov

spoke about the Russian actors

Serhiy Pisarenko


Yevhen Nikishin , who

fled from Ukraine to Russia

last year


Krutogolov said that he does not condemn the Russians for fleeing and their silent position regarding the war in Ukraine.

According to the actor, Russian comedians are afraid for their relatives, so they cannot speak about the invasion of Russia.

The head of "Diesel Studio" also said that Serhiy Pisarenko is currently in Estonia, while Yevhen Nikishin is in Russia.

Serhiy Pysarenko and Yevhen Nikishyn

"Pysarenko is in Estonia, as far as I know, and Zhenya has returned to the Russian Federation. I do not condemn them, because I have not heard a single bad word about Ukraine from them. Of course, I would like to hear something good from them, but I know that they are afraid . And they are afraid not only for their d*pu, they are afraid for their families. They have something to be afraid of, I think. I do not know if any of their words will affect the situation. It is a difficult situation in terms of the mentality of Russians. They are used to living in fear." , - said Krutogolov on the YouTube channel "Goncharova".

The head of "Diesel Studio" also drew attention to the fact that Belarusians Yevhen Smorigin and Dmytro Tankovich work in their team, who support Ukraine and have even completely switched to the Ukrainian language.

Dmytro Tankovich / Photo: press service of the "1+1" channel

"We had Russians and Belarusians in our team, and the Belarusians remain and do a great job. I wanted to respect Dmytro Tankovich and Zhenya Smorigin for their position, for their love for Ukraine. Dima already speaks better Ukrainian than I do. And Zhenya does it." , - emphasized Krutogolov.

It will be recalled that when Russia started a full-scale war, the actors Pisarenko and Nikishin were in Ukraine and even recorded a video where they told what was really happening in the country.

However, last fall, it became known that the actors returned to the Russian Federation and began to entertain Russians on a cruise ship.

After that,

the comedians were excluded from the

"Diesel Show" lineup.

Serhiy Pisarenko and Yevhen Nikishyn entertained Russians during the war in Ukraine / Photo:

By the way, the Belarusian actress of "Diesel Show" Marina Hrytsuk, who during the full-scale invasion was in the occupation near Kyiv, fled to Belarus, where she started

working as a presenter

on a Russian TV channel.

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