Russian blogger and lawyer Mark Feigin believes that Chinese leader Xi Jinping is ready to take Moscow's interests into account and even represent them, but only on the condition of asserting

his power in Taiwan and possible expansion in the Russian Federation itself.

Feigin expressed this opinion in an interview with Dmytro Gordon, the founder of the "GORDON" publication.

"China is

ready to represent Putin.

That's what it's all about. On its own terms. But for some reason they want everything together and at the same time: just

Taiwan, and the Far East, and Eastern Siberia, and Transbaikalia.

"Everything is ours, and here's something else give..." So, to be honest, it's like they're quite... They're told: "You've already become insolent.

You can't do that," the blogger believes.

We will remind, the director of New Geopolitics Research Network Mykhailo Samus expressed the opinion for that Putin agreed to all the conditions of Xi Jinping, but time is not on his side.

According to his assumptions, during the Chinese leader's visit to Russia, Xi Jinping set Putin conditions to which the Russian dictator was forced to agree.

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