In order to allow the Aegis ships to launch Tomahawk missiles, the Japanese government carried out modification operations on 8 Aegis ships.

The picture shows the US ship launching a Tomahawk missile.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Japan purchased 400 "Tomahawk" cruise missiles from the United States, which are expected to be equipped on the Aegis ships of the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

A source from the Japanese government revealed on the 25th that the Japanese government has planned to refit the eight Aegis ships of the Maritime Self-Defense Force so that they can launch Tomahawk missiles.

According to a report by Japan's "Kyodo News Agency", the Japanese government plans to include the "Vertical Launch System" (VLS) related modification costs of each ship in the 2024 budget in order to allow the Aegis ship to launch US-made Tomahawk missiles.

At present, the Maritime Self-Defense Force has deployed two ships at the Yokosuka Base in Kanagawa Prefecture and Maizuru Base in Kyoto Prefecture, and four ships at the Sasebo Base in Nagasaki Prefecture.

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Relevant sources revealed that the Tomahawk missile purchased this time is the latest "Block 5" with a range of about 1,600 kilometers. The Japanese government has included the procurement cost of 211.3 billion yen (approximately NT$48.6 billion) in the 2023 budget. 400 pieces will be purchased, and it is expected to deploy troops from 2026. Currently, it is also negotiating with the United States whether it can be deployed in advance.