Lin Ching-yee said that it is unreasonable to compete for money in diplomacy and politics.

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[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung Report] Honduras today announced the severance of diplomatic relations with my country and the establishment of diplomatic relations with China.

Legislator Lin Jingyi said that it is regrettable that the long-term efforts of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel and various agricultural and technical expert teams in Honduras have come to an end at this time, but the diplomatic politics of competing for money is unreasonable.

Lin Jingyi mentioned in a Facebook post that on the 23rd, when she questioned the National Defense Foreign Relations Committee in the Legislative Yuan, she stated that China competes for diplomatic relations with money, and Taiwan must use 2.5 billion US dollars to maintain the friendship with Honduras. She disagrees with members of Congress who oversee the budget and insist on a professional stance on international aid.

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Lin Jingyi believes that the Chinese government has just cut medical insurance subsidies and funeral subsidies this year. Is China going to keep its promise of 6 billion US dollars in financial assistance to Honduras regardless of the lack of job opportunities in its own country and the economic impact after the epidemic? And cheating, we can only, best wishes."