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(picture taken from Liu Yu Facebook)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]] Tainan Xuejia 88 gun shooting case, prosecutors and police yesterday arrested the mastermind behind the scenes and former Xuejia Township Chairman Wang Wenzong, which caused an uproar in the local political circle.

Wang Wenzong was accused of being a foothold of the Kuomintang, and had close ties with Ma, Zhu and others, but the Kuomintang and its politicians issued a statement denying this. PTT Internet celebrity "Sicha Mao" (Liu Yu) PO ​​appeared on Wang Wenzong's stage Records of political contributions made.

Sichamao posted a screenshot on Facebook PO. The screenshot shows Wang Wenzong's political donation record to the Chinese Kuomintang. The date is from May 25, 2010 to December 31, 2019. After deducting the return of the donation, The total amount is 430,000. Sichamao said in the post, "The main suspect behind the Tainan Xuejia 88 shooting case "Wang Wenzong" was detained last night and banned from seeing him. Because the news reports said that he is a big stake in the Kuomintang, so I am bored Check the political donations he has donated on the platform. "Title: Chairman of Xuejia Tzu Chi Palace, Director of KMT Xuejia District, President of Ma Ying-jeou Support Association, President of Zhu Lilun Support Association, Xie Longjie Xuejia Support Association (Xie Longjie himself denies) , KMT Tainan Party Representative, Tainan Unification Promotion Party Committee Chairman.”

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In response to the outside world's accusation that Wang Wenzong is a big stake in the Kuomintang, the Kuomintang issued a three-point clarification statement today: First, Zhu Lilun did not know Wang Wenzong from the past to the present.

Second, after local verification, Wang Wenzong did not serve as the president of the local support committee for Zhu Lilun's 2016 presidential election and Ma Ying-jeou's 2012 presidential election.

Third, the Kuomintang insists on opposing all black money, and also supports the public security units to wipe out all black money forces to ensure that the people live and work in peace and contentment.

Four-prong cat PO released the record of political donations made by Wang Wenzong to the KMT.

(picture taken from Liu Yu Facebook)