The National Army plans a total of 6 years from next year to 2029. The Chinese Academy of Sciences will implement the development plan of a new "primary trainer". The active T-34C primary trainer (pictured) is expected to be decommissioned in 2033.

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[Reporter Tu Jumin/Taipei Report] The Air Force is implementing the policy of "National Manufacturing of Higher Education Aircraft". It is expected to complete the procurement of 66 "Yongying" higher education aircraft by 2026. Successor models will be obtained in accordance with the policy of "Made in China".

According to the budget thawing report recently sent to the Legislative Yuan by the Ministry of National Defense, the National Army plans to entrust the Chinese Academy of Sciences to implement the development of a new "primary trainer" for a total of 6 years from next year to 2029; the active T-34C primary trainer is expected They will be decommissioned in succession in 2033.

The Air Force introduced 49 U.S.-made T-34C primary trainer aircraft in 1985, 9 of which have been damaged, and the number in active service is estimated to be between 30 and 40. It is the "initiator" for Air Force pilots to learn about flying.

However, considering that this elementary school machine has been in service for nearly 40 years, not only is it not equipped with an ejection seat, but it will also face the problem of disappearing commercial resources.

Air Force Chief of Staff Huang Zhiwei said in the Legislative Yuan last October that the use of this type of aircraft only accounted for 60% of the total hours, but the avionics system was indeed relatively backward.

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According to the budget thawing report recently sent by the Air Force to the Legislative Yuan, the active T-34C primary education aircraft has been in service for more than 30 years, and its full life management will be decommissioned in 2033. The "Elementary Trainer Aircraft" development plan is planned to be implemented from 2024 (next year) to 2029, which can meet the T-34C elementary trainer aircraft decommissioning and connection operations.

As for the procurement quantity, technical specifications and budget size of the new primary education aircraft, the military has not announced it in the budget unfreezing report.

The Air Force is currently training "combat group" pilots in a "three-stage, three-type" model. These pilots first receive pilot training on the T-34C primary trainer aircraft, and then fly the "AT-3" advanced trainer aircraft, "F-5E/F "Ministry training machine.

The Air Force is purchasing 66 "Yongying" advanced education aircraft that can also be used for the training of higher education aircraft and departmental training aircraft. It is expected that the purchase will be completed in 2026. "After the new training aircraft is connected to the T-34C training mission around 2033, it will make our country's pilot training model more perfect.