Netizens discuss the most disappointing classic Japanese food on PTT, and takoyaki is on the list because of its soft and rotten taste.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Since the border was unsealed in October last year, Chinese people have favored Japan the most. As of January this year, 580,000 people have visited Japan, and the number has doubled every month. Netizens discuss the most "disappointed" classic Japanese food on PTT , including "Yakisoba Bread" and "Takoyaki", which are common in anime, are all on the list. They said "it's so greasy" and "it tastes like snot".

A netizen shared on PTT that he was once attracted by the Japanese animation food "Curry Instant Noodles" and even made a special trip to eat it, but he was really disappointed. At first he thought it was a fairy food, but found that the soup was so salty and the noodles were very ordinary .

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Other netizens agreed that "Yakisoba Bread" was the most disappointing. They said, "Because most of the Yakisoba bread is really bad, and the animation can be eaten often", "The bread is stained with the oil of Yakisoba, and neither taste , only the thick feeling of starch + starch", "Sauce likes and dislikes", "It's really not good for fried noodles to taste sour", "It doesn't meet the taste of most Taiwanese", etc.

Some netizens pointed out, "Grilled soy sauce dumplings, the taste is super weird", "Japanese dumplings thought they were sweet, but they turned out to be salty", "I used to follow the online strategy to eat new takoyaki that must be eaten in Dotonbori, and I waited in line for 30 minutes The result is unpalatable", "Japanese takoyaki is wet and rotten", "Japanese takoyaki = hot nose", "shaved ice is all pigmented ice cubes", "shaved ice is too thick", etc.