The liberation of the annexed Crimea may become a decisive part of the war of the aggressor Russia against Ukraine.

However, for the success of the deoccupation of the peninsula, it is necessary for international partners to openly declare that they want the victory of Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by retired US Lieutenant General Ben Godges in an interview with Newsbreak.

According to him, successes in the east will not have such a strategic effect as the liberation of Crimea.

Moreover, the course of the war can change very quickly if the USA openly declares that they want the victory of Ukraine, and the liberation of Crimea is the key to this.

Godges emphasizes that Washington has done a lot for the Ukrainian army in the context of military aid, but now there is a lack of a firm statement about the victory of Ukraine.

"You can kill every Russian within 200 kilometers of Bakhmut and it won't change the strategic outcome, but you liberate Crimea, and then I think you completely change the whole strategic context. But what's missing is that the president, the administration did not say publicly: "We want Ukraine to win," Godges said.

The general believes that the reason is that the US is not sure of the outcome of the war.

US leader Joe Biden has done a good job of rallying allies, for example, but the US and its European partners are still worried about what will happen if Russian dictator President Vladimir Putin loses power.

"It hasn't occurred to people that Russia is going to be defeated here, they're having a hard time with that. I think the administration is also overly concerned about the risk of Russia somehow turning the war into a nuclear conflict," Godges explained.

We will remind, the Minister of Transport of Russia Vitaly Saveliev reported to Putin that

the protection of the Crimean bridge will be strengthened

before the summer season.

In particular, the number of guards and checkpoints will be increased.

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