An 80-year-old Canadian woman has donated blood regularly since 1965, setting a Guinness World Record with a total of 203 pints (about 96 liters).

(The picture is taken from the official website of Guinness World Records)

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Josephine Michaluk, an 80-year-old woman from Alberta, Canada, has donated blood since she was 22 years old in 1965. She has donated a total of almost 203 pints (about 96 liters), setting a Guinness World Record for the most blood donation by a woman.

According to the "UPI" report, Micharuk recalled that she was persuaded by her biological sister to donate blood for the first time, and since then she has opened the door to donate blood regularly.

Michaluk revealed that her blood type is O+, which is in high demand, and she is very happy to think that she can help others.

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After Michaluk boarded the Guinness Book of World Records, she said that she never thought that she would be able to get the Guinness Certification for donating blood, but she didn't donate blood for the sake of setting a record, and she plans to keep donating in the future.