Businessman and main character of "Bachelor-12"

Alex Topolsky

talked with fans and talked about his chosen one, whom he met after the project.

In particular, the celebrity girl is 23 years old.

She is a designer and manufacturer of women's underwear.

The girl even has her own brand.

The couple started dating more than two months ago.

Meanwhile, Alex carefully hides the name of his chosen one.

Alex is in no hurry to declassify the name of his beloved yet / Photo:

Topolsky admitted that for him it was love at first sight.

Almost immediately, the businessman realized that this is exactly the girl with whom he wants to build a relationship.

"She attracted me at first sight, yes. And from the first dialogue, I understood that this is my person. I appreciate her kindness, sincerity, purposefulness, beauty, both external and internal, she is a very bright person," shared Alex.

It was love at first sight / Photo:

Topolsky emphasized that his beloved supports him.

Also, the girl is not embarrassed that he took part in a romantic show where he was looking for a soulmate.

"She's a smart girl, treats me the same as any other experience I've had in the past. She's not embarrassed by this fact," the businessman said.

The girl will support Alex in his endeavors / Photo:

By the way, after the show "Bachelor-12", Alex tried to build a relationship with the winner of the project, Kateryna Lozovitska.

Their joint photos remained in the businessman's photo blog.

Topolsky explained that he does not delete them, because they are just pictures that do not mean anything.

Alex's chosen one is not bothered by a photo of her lover with another girl.

The couple understands each other / Photo:

It should be noted that it became known about Alex Topolsky's new novel in January.

Then the businessman

shared the first joint photo

with his chosen one.

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