The resumption of the "Spring Festival and Blessing Ceremony" at Xingji Palace in Tainan was grandly launched this morning.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] The "Spring Festival Blessing Ceremony" of Xingji Palace in Tainan, which was suspended for 3 years due to the epidemic, finally appeared again. Today, the Jiaxing Junior High School Drum Team performed to kick off. There are nearly 60 temples and more than 800 people enthusiastically participating in the spiritual temple; the temple hopes to pray for good weather, peace and prosperity for the country and people through the ceremony!

Sidian Xingji Temple is one of the four major official temples in Tainan, along with the Confucian Temple, Sidian Wu Temple, and Sidian Datianhou Temple. It is the only Baosheng Temple in Taiwan that is included in the official ceremonies of the Spring and Autumn Festival.

According to the temple officials, Xingji Palace was listed as an official temple for ceremonies in the Qing Dynasty. At that time, a large number of Qing soldiers stationed in Taiwan. Become a major event in the ancestral temple.

However, due to the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, it has had to be suspended for three consecutive years, and the resumption today is of great significance.

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The temple is based on the sacrificial rituals of the "Imperial Daqing Huidian", combined with the traditional Taoist three-offering ceremony. A total of more than 800 people participated in the grand ceremony, including Director Jiang Linhuang of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Yan Shuibo, Deputy Director of the Fifth Branch Bureau, Li Huangxing, Mayor of the North District, and Legislators Chen Tingfei and Wang Dingyu.

The three offerings are based on the ancient Taoist system. The main offering palace, the sub-officials and the accompanying officials are set up. It starts with ringing the bell, inviting the light, and welcoming the gods. The first offering is wine, tea, incense candles, and flowers; the second offering is wine. , Suguo, birthday peaches, and birthday noodles as gifts; at the end, wine jue, jade silk, treasures on the spring platform, and dragon chariots are presented as gifts. It symbolizes drinking blessings and accepting auspiciousness, and at the end, it is a grand and solemn ceremony to pay homage to the saints and perform a farewell ceremony.

The "Spring Festival Blessing Ceremony" of Xingji Temple in Tainan kicked off with the performance of the Jiaxing Junior High School Drum Team.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

The Xingji Palace Spring Sacrifice Ceremony is based on the sacrificial rituals of the "Imperial Daqing Huidian", combined with the Taoist tradition of the three offering ceremony, and is hosted by the "Sacrifice Xingji Palace Three Offering Blessing Group".

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)