Xie Longjie (pictured), a former city councilor of KMT Nanshi, said that Wang Wenzong, chairman of Xuejia Tzu Chi Palace, who was involved in the Xuejia 88 shooting case, has good relations with all parties. The DPP should not discredit him and shift the focus.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] Hong Zhengjun is the main suspect in the xuejia 88 gun case that was allegedly instigated by Wang Wenzong, chairman of Tainan Xuejia Tzu Chi Temple, and went to China to hide and flee to China.

Luying pointed out that Wang Wenzong had a close relationship with Xie Longjie, a former member of the KMT Nanshi, and Wang also helped Xie Longjie to elect the mayoral election bureau.

Xie Longjie came forward today and said that he did not cut Wang Wenzong. He had gone to the Tzu Chi Palace to offer incense and solicit votes. It is true, but in fact Wang has good relations with people from all parties. He once helped Wang Wenzong buy votes and bribe elections during the election.

Xie Longjie clarified that in the mayoral election last year, Wang Wenzong did not hold any position in his campaign headquarters. The DPP and legislator Wang Dingyu did not need to use this to discredit him and divert the focus. This is true, because Xuejia people can't stand the local spoofing of the photoelectric case and affect the justice of the local residents, so they help him more during the election.

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Xie Longjie also said that Hong Zhengjun, the main suspect in the 88 shooting case, had confessed during the interrogation that the 88 shots were fired because of the uneven distribution of optoelectronic benefits, and Guo Zaiqin took the whole bowl.

According to the public information, Wang Wenzong went to China twice to arrange the escape of Hong Zhengjun and the gunman Kong Xiangzhi, but what role did Wang Wenzong play in the 88 gun case?

It still needs to be investigated and clarified, but in any case, it is also the uneven distribution of spoils between Wang Wenzong, Hong Zhengjun and Guo Zaiqin.

The DPP only mentions Wang Wenzong, but avoids talking about Guo Zaiqin and Sima Zhao's heart, which is well known to passers-by.

Regarding the DPP's efforts to connect Wang Wenzong with the Kuomintang and himself, Xie Longjie emphasized that he will not cut Wang Wenzong. Wang is a local public figure in Xuejia and has good friends with people from all parties. Weak, Wang Wenzong is one of the few who is willing to interact with the Kuomintang, plus Wang's status as the chairman of Xuejia Tzu Chi Temple, he can link up to 10 temples on the ground.

Last year, during the Southern Mayor election, Wang Wenzong accompanied him to sweep the streets during the "Hundred Temples of Prayer". Xie Longjie expressed his gratitude to Wang, but Wang Wenzong was completely unaware of his involvement in the optoelectronic interests and the 88 shooting case. He believed that Mayor Huang Weizhe must be the same I don't know Wang's role in the 88 shooting case, otherwise, on October 3 last year and January 22 this year, Huang went to Xuejia Tzu Chi Palace twice to interact enthusiastically with Wang Wenzong.

Xie Longjie also said that the headquarters of the former city councilor Xie Caiwang, who was also shot 30 times in the 88 shooting case, was organized by Wang Wenzong when his campaign headquarters was established in 2018; in 2006, Wang Wenzong ran for the chairman of the Xuejia Township Congress Guo Zaiqin also had a good relationship with Wang Wenzong, and Guo bought votes for Wang Wenzong to bribe the election. Now the DPP wants to kill Wang and take the opportunity to clean up the whitewashing. It is unavoidable to underestimate the wisdom of the people.

Xie Longjie believes that any criminal act should be strictly investigated and dealt with by the judiciary, regardless of whether it is blue or green. The black gold problem in Tainan, in addition to the 88 guns, also includes the corruption case involving the former director of economic development of the city government Chen Kailing, the mayor’s involvement in the bone tower case, Guo Zaiqin's scandal, the chairman and deputy speaker's bribery case, and the forced resignation of the chief prosecutor of the Tainan District Prosecutor's Office, and the suspected involvement of political black hands in handling the case, hope that the DPP will pay the same attention.