For three years, 69-year-old South Korean citizen Cha Sa-sun regularly took exams to obtain the driver's license she needed to run a business.

She made the most attempts on written tests.

This was reported by the Mirror on Sunday, March 26.

After the first failure, the woman tried to pass the written exam first five times a week, and then twice a week.

The total number of attempts reached 950.

She also failed to pass the practical exam the first time.

Only the tenth attempt was successful and she was finally issued the desired document.

During her studies at the driving school, she paid almost 12,500 euros.

Photo: screenshot from the video

Her driving instructor said he was relieved when Cha Sa Sun finally succeeded.

"When she finally got her license, we all came out to cheer and hug her, gave her flowers.

It felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from our backs.

We didn't have the courage to tell her to give up because she kept trying."

- he said.

After this incident, the woman became a national celebrity and also starred in a Hyundai commercial.

The famous car manufacturer eventually gave her a new car worth almost 13,000 euros, thus offsetting the costs of the long and expensive training.

It will be recalled that Shannon, a 27-year-old truck driver from Great Britain, figured out how to start earning more and start her own transport company.

To do this, she began to sell intimate photos to truck drivers. 

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