In Nepal, a 47-year-old married man stuffed a glass of water into his anus and passed out like that for several days.

He sought medical attention only after he began to suffer from constipation. 

Journal of Nepal Medical Association writes about it. 

The man turned to the doctors and explained that he was suffering from constipation.

Only later did the Nepalese admit that he stuffed a 12-centimeter glass of water into his anus for self-pleasure, where it got stuck.

The man claims that he did it while intoxicated. 

X-rays showed a glass of water in an inverted position in the upper part of the rectum and colon.

The first attempts to remove the glass from the man's rectum in the hospital were unsuccessful. 

Photo: Journal of Nepal Medical Association. 

"After asking the patient to lie on his back with his legs raised, the surgeons attempted to extract the glass by hand. However, they were unable to do so because the glass "could not be grasped to extract" and there was a "significantly high risk of the glass breaking, which could in turn lead to to the injury of the intestines," the doctors noted. 

Doctors performed an operation to remove a glass from the man's anus. 

Photo: Journal of Nepal Medical Association. 

Doctors from Nepal noted that most cases of objects getting stuck in the rectum occur in men between the ages of 30 and 40.

They added that objects such as soda and beer bottles, deodorant containers, wooden or rubber objects, bones and batteries have been reported to be lodged in the anus of patients.

We will remind, in Belgium, a 35-year-old woman was fired on her first working day.

The employers did not like the fact that she had "knocked teeth".

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