On Sunday, March 26, after the rain, a double rainbow was recorded over Kyiv and the surrounding settlements of the region. 

Photos of a rare natural phenomenon flooded social networks.

Residents of the capital publish a number of photos and videos of the double rainbow on the Internet.

They believe that

this is a good sign for Ukraine.

In particular, residents of all districts of Kyiv noticed the rainbow. 

Local residents of Vyshgorod, Irpen, Buchi and Gostomel, near Kyiv,

also saw a double rainbow .

"A double rainbow over Irpen. Everything will be fine!" - wrote the mayor of Irpen Oleksandr Markushyn. 

In addition, a rare phenomenon was filmed in Lviv.

Photos are published by local publications.

We will remind you that a rainbow was spotted in the sky over Lviv on January 5.

At the same time, the city has warm weather, but with rain and wind.