A man from the village of Samuilovo, Petr, is in danger for his life after a scandal with a local resident in a restaurant.

According to initial information, he shot himself in the head.

Shortly after midnight, the man entered the restaurant to make a remark about the loud noise that disturbed the peace of those living around the restaurant.

An argument with the owner followed, after which the man left.

Shortly after, a shot was heard.

According to witnesses from the restaurant, there was a gun next to the man who shot himself.

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The victim was immediately transported to a hospital, where doctors are fighting for his life.

Police are investigating whether it was a murder or suicide.

On-site inspections and interviews of witnesses to the incident are being carried out.

The victim has a criminal record and was involved in an international heroin trafficking channel.

He was caught with a large amount of drugs in Germany, where he was in prison, BNR informs.