Volodymyr Konstantinov, the "Chairman of the Occupying Parliament" of Crimea, cynically stated that one of the conditions for the completion of the so-called "special operation" is Russia taking full control over Odessa.

He said this during a conversation with propagandists.

Yes, Konstantinov stated that he does not care

whether Odessa will have Russian or neutral status.

 It is important for him that it

is part of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, he added that Ukraine should lose "its aggressive capabilities", referring to demilitarization.

Also, in a conversation with propagandists, he again spoke Kremlin narratives about "Nazis and called for their complete destruction."

"We clearly know that any peace concluded without the complete destruction of the Ukrainian fascist, anti-Russian state as an instrument of destruction of Russia, which is used by the West, is a temporary phenomenon," he said.

We will remind you that the Kremlin is looking for a replacement for Putin.

Experts named the main candidates.

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