An audio recording is circulating online where Russian producer Yosyp Prigozhin scolds Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin using profanity.

Prigozhin is probably talking to billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov.

Later, the producer commented on the recording, in particular, noting that he "doesn't know how to live with this shit."

Another Prigozhin also commented on the audio recording, namely, Yevgeny, the leader of 

 the "Wagner" PVK


He stated that those who intercepted the call probably thought it was him speaking on the phone and not his namesake.

After Yosyp Prigozhin called the conversation fake, a source in the special services said that "the recording of the conversation between Prigozhin and Akhmedov is real."

Akhmedov did not comment on this.

What is Prigozhin's conversation with Akhmedov about

Participants in the publicized conversation discuss Russia's war against Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his entourage.

A voice that probably hopes for Joseph Prigozhin claims that Igor Ivanovich (Ihor Sechin, head of Rosneft - ed.), Serhii Viktorovych and (head of the Russian Guard) Viktor Zolotov allegedly "united" and "blame everything" on the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu.

"They call him a duel, for his eyes, of course. And they have the task of demolishing him, damn it... Yes, but because someone has to be blamed (failures in the war - ed.), listen. They themselves are horrible people. My opinion is simple: they behave like kings, like gods, damn it. They are complete creatures... I can't say anything good about them. They are scumbags, damn it," Yosyp Prigozhin assures.

He also talks about Putin.

"Do you see what he did? He put them against each other on the chessboard, damn it. To save himself, damn it," adds Prigozhin.

In response, Farkhad Akhmedov probably says that "he will not save, he is responsible for everything.

Ukraine is a republic, a federation, and a presidential country.

The president will answer for all this.

For all.

He will be asked."

Also, a person, probably Akhmedov, says that the Russian authorities have neglected the future of Russian children.

"She lost us, our children, their future, their fate," laments Akhmedov.

"To be honest, of course they are criminals, and what kind of criminals they are," Prigozhin answered him.

Prigozhin also adds in the recording that the Russian authorities "lost Kvartal-95".

"And the fact that they say that they are fighting so-and-so, here and there, they themselves gave them an excuse. He (Putin - ed.) was driven to this hell. He drove himself into it. To be honest, yes , well, damn it, I would have stopped, I would have received the Nobel Prize and I would have gone to hell. I still gave the country away, damn it, count," he says.