"2023 Campus and Parent-child Sharpshooter-National Paintball Battle" is on the stage, and the masters will fight fiercely and fight tactics.

(Photographed by reporter Hong Chenhong)

[Reporter Hong Chenhong/Kaohsiung Report] The 20th "2023 Campus and Parent-child Sharpshooter-National Paintball Battle" started at the Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Center, attracting 71 national, high school and colleges and universities across the country A total of 88 teams were formed by students, families, and children to participate in the battle. After fierce battles, the participating teams observed each other's tactics. We will meet again next year.

This year's national paintball competition is full of masters, including Xuhui Middle School in New Taipei City, Yifeng High School in Yunlin County, Dacheng Commercial, Tainan High Technology, Pingtung High School and other strong teams from other counties and cities gathered in Kaohsiung to learn their fighting skills. Group registration was enthusiastic.

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Kaohsiung City Liugui High School advanced to Liugui High School with the 15th "Sports i Taiwan 2.0 Kaohsiung Indigenous Paintball Promotion Activity". Not too team” had two members unable to play due to illness, but the remaining three members advanced all the way to the top eight in the high school group; Well worth the trip.

After several fierce battles, the winners of each group were released, and the champion and runner-up of the junior college group were the "No Idea Team" and the Kaohsiung High-tech Alumni Team.

The top three in the parent-child group are "9 teams of the parent-child group", "13 teams of the parent-child group" and "1 team of the parent-child group".

The top four in the middle school group are "Zhao Yangzhi Song Team", "Lightning Ironman Team", "Geying Garden Team", and "rrl King Team".

The top four in the high school group are "Kaohsiung Xiaoxin Team", "STI Team", "Dacheng Team B", and "Xinzhuang High School Team A".