The Xinbei Fruit and Vegetable Company promotes cabbage, a national dish.

(Provided by Xinbei Fruit and Vegetable Company)

[Reporter He Yuhua/New Taipei Report] Recently, the temperature has been stable, cabbage is growing rapidly, and the price is relatively cheap. In order to help farmers sell and stabilize market prices, Xinbei Fruit and Vegetable Company launched a group-buying cabbage activity of "buying natural vegetables and making kimchi". The fruit and vegetable company Jiang Huizhen, the general manager, said that kimchi made from cabbage is delicious and good for preservation, and it can show the spirit of saving food. Welcome everyone to come together.

Recently, the growth of cabbage in the south-central region is good and the supply is sufficient. In order to help farmers sell cabbage and stabilize market prices, Xinbei Fruit and Vegetable Company has launched an "agricultural product promotion mechanism" to launch a group purchase of cabbage. A 20-kg cabbage is priced at 260 yuan ( 20 kg (about 8 to 10 pieces), free shipping for 5 pieces per order in Shuangbei area (excluding remote areas).

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Some district offices and local gentry in New Taipei City responded one after another. Linkou District Mayor Liao Wuhui said that the office responded by purchasing 37 boxes, which will be provided to community development associations and other communal restaurants. He responded one after another, and as far as he knew, about 120 people bought 27 boxes.

Jiang Huizhen said that cabbage has high nutritional value and can be cooked in various ways. It is a good choice for regular vegetables at home. In addition to group buying activities, the fruit and vegetable market will also hold a tabletop kimchi DIY activity in front of the organic auction area of ​​the Banqiao Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market on the morning of the 28th. People who participated in the event and pre-ordered cabbage on the spot will receive extra gifts. In addition, organizations who want to learn how to make kimchi can contact the food and agriculture education team of the fruit and vegetable company to send staff to the scene to guide. For related information, please refer to Facebook "New Taipei "Fruits and Vegetables" fan page

Linkou District Office responds to the group purchase of cabbage by Xinbei Fruit and Vegetable Company, and will distribute it to the dining places of the development association in need.

(Provided by Linkou District Office)