During a visit to Moscow, the Chinese leader made Russian dictator Putin understand that the use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable.

European leaders believe that the trip of the Chinese leader "made the world safer".

The Financial Times writes about it.

As the publication notes, Xi Jinping did not cross "any red lines" during his visit to Moscow. 

"This visit reduces the risk of nuclear war, and they made that very clear," Borrell said.

In addition, Xi also presented Putin with a peace plan to end the war in Ukraine, which warns against the use of nuclear weapons.

In addition, according to the European politician, Beijing is not going to provide any lethal weapons to Russia.

Borrell notes that the Chinese leader wants to become a coordinator in the issue of Russia's war against Ukraine, but not an ally of the Kremlin.

In addition, US President

Joe Biden

stated that the United States and other Western countries are a much more powerful force that relies on their numerous alliances.

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