In the biggest hospital of Gwalior, the relatives of the patient took him by sitting on a blanket.


A video which has gone viral is describing the condition of poor health services in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

In the largest 1000-bed hospital in Gwalior district, it was seen that when a stretcher was not available, the patient's relatives were pulling it with their hands by sitting on a blanket.

The video of this incident has gone viral on social media. 

There is a shortage of stretchers in the 1000-bed hospital built at a cost of about Rs 400 crore in Gwalior.

The family members who reached the hospital with a patient did not find a stretcher, so they made the patient sit on a blanket and dragged him to the floor and reached the concerned department in the hospital.

During this incident, the people present there made a video of the incident and made it viral on social media. 

It has been told that the relatives of the elderly patient had reached the hospital to get him treated after his leg was broken.

There they could not even find a stretcher for the patient.

After this, under compulsion, the patients made the old man sit on the blanket and dragged him away. 

Bad health system in MP!

When the stretcher was not available, the patient was pulled on a blanket

— NDTV India (@ndtvindia) March 25, 2023

Similar is the condition of Jayarogya Chikitsalaya (JAH) of Gwalior.

There are stretchers, but there are no wheels in them.

In such a situation, the patients reaching there are facing a lot of problems.

Problems are not being resolved due to lack of proper monitoring.