Security lapses during PM's roadshow in Karnataka

special things

  • These days PM Modi is on Karnataka tour

  • The youth broke the security cordon during the road show

  • Police took action against the accused

New Delhi:

PM Narendra Modi is on a tour of Karnataka these days.

During his tour, he is holding roadshows and meetings at various places.

On Saturday, PM Modi was doing a roadshow in Davanagere, Karnataka.

Meanwhile, a young man tried to breach his security.

A video regarding this incident is going viral on social media.

It is seen in this video that PM Modi is accepting greetings by showing hands to the people standing on both sides of the road during the road show.

And their convoy is slowly moving forward.

After some time, as soon as their convoy moves forward a little, a young man tries to break the security cordon and run straight towards them.

He is saying Modi ji Modi ji while running towards the PM.

Seeing the young man going towards PM Modi's convoy, all the security personnel present there come into action and the accused person is immediately caught and taken away.

After this, a police officer hands over that young man to other police officers.

But in the midst of all this, PM Modi continues his road show.

And accepting greetings by showing hand to the people standing on the roadside.

Karnataka: Big lapse in #PMModi's security!

The young man broke the security cordon, then something like this happened...

— NDTV India (@ndtvindia) March 25, 2023

Please tell that this is not the first case of lapse in security with PM Modi.

Earlier last year, a similar case had come to the fore from Punjab.

There was a "serious lapse" in the security of Prime Minister Modi on his visit to Punjab when some protesters blocked a road in Ferozepur.

where they had to pass.

Because of this, the Prime Minister was stuck on a flyover for about 20 minutes.

Due to this, the Prime Minister had returned from Punjab without attending any program including the rally in Ferozepur. 

Due to stoppage of traffic, BJP workers going to the same rally also got stuck.

When he came to know that the Prime Minister's convoy was also on the flyover, he tried to get closer to his car.

This is another example of a huge lapse in the Prime Minister's security on that day (Wednesday).

Just before the Punjab Legislative Assembly, a political battle broke out between the BJP, the ruling party at the Center and the Congress, the ruling party in Punjab, over this issue.

The Center and the Punjab government had announced separate investigations.

The Center alleged that the state government and the police violated security protocols despite several notices regarding the details related to the PM's visit.