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New Delhi:

Usually seen in traditional religious attire, pro-Khalistan hardline Sikh preacher

Amritpal Singh

, currently on the run , has been seen in a new video wearing a jacket, trousers and glasses.

This CCTV footage is from Amritsar and was recorded on 20 March.

It is being told that Amritpal was hiding there at a relative's house.

Amritpal Singh, who has been absconding from the Punjab Police for a week, is changing his appearance again and again.

The video shows

that he had left for Kurukshetra in Haryana from Amritsar and was on his way to the national capital, sources said.

He told that Amritpal allegedly got down at a bus terminal in the guise of a sadhu yesterday.

Teams of Delhi and Punjab Police were present at the Inter State Bus Terminal at Kashmere Gate in Delhi since morning and are scanning the CCTV footage.

CCTV cameras last showed him leaving the house of a woman who had given him shelter while on the run from the police.

The footage shows the separatist holding an umbrella to hide his face.

Arrested for giving shelter

Police said that Baljit Kaur, a woman who gave shelter to Amritpal Singh and his associate Papalpreet Singh at her home in Kurukshetra, Haryana, has been arrested.

Amritpal, accused of attempted murder, obstructing law enforcement and causing disharmony, has been on the run since last Saturday, when officers tried to stop his motorcycle and arrest him in a dramatic chase. 

Amritpal Singh

had known for two and a half years,

on the 18th, after dodging the Punjab Police by changing his appearance and vehicles, he reached Haryana on the morning of 19th March through the streets of the village.

Here he stayed in Shahbad Haryana for the night.

Baljit Kaur knew Pappalpreet for two and a half years.

Baljeet Kaur knew that Amritpal is absconding, yet she gave shelter to Amritpal.

CCTV footage of Kurukshetra Shahbad town of Haryana has come to the fore, in which Amritpal is seen carrying a black umbrella, behind which the police of several states are engaged.  

Five vehicles changed in 12 hours

Yesterday, the police had said that Amritpal Singh changed five vehicles in 12 hours to avoid arrest.

On the first day of the police crackdown on his radical organization 'Waris Punjab De', he was seen in a Maruti Brezza SUV and before that in a Mercedes.

He was later seen riding a bike wearing a pink turban and dark glasses.

This shows that he tried to disguise himself to avoid the eyes of the police.

Police have released seven photographs of the separatist seeking public's help in nabbing the fugitive.

In some of these he is without a turban.

Hulia changed four times to reach from Punjab to Haryana

The Punjab Police, which is looking for Amritpal Singh, says that they have taken 207 people into custody so far.

The police have arrested some of Amritpal's associates and sent them to jail in Assam.

NDTV spoke to Lakhwinder Singh, a rickshaw puller in whose rickshaw Amritpal and his associate Pappalpreet were sitting after the bike got punctured.

Lakhwinder said that he could not recognize Amritpal because of the change in appearance.

Lakhwinder Singh told that he gave his hand and said that where will the punctured one be found?

I made him sit and took him to Mahatpur, five kilometers away.

I could not recognize him. After landing, he gave me 100 rupees.

If police sources are to be believed, Amritpal changed his appearance four times to reach Haryana from Punjab.

This was the reason that he dodged the police.

According to Punjab Police, Haryana is the last location of Amritpal. 

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