Southern Defense Forces spokeswoman Nataliya Gumenyuk explained the statement of the General Staff of March 23, which stated the withdrawal of all units of the Russian Armed Forces from Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson region.

She said that the Russian army had actually

 conducted a mass rotation. 

She told about this during the telethon. 

Humenyuk emphasized that after some units of Putin's army left Novaya Kakhovka, others entered the settlement. 

"The military also believe in the good and sometimes make wishful thinking come true. At first,

it was such a massive rotation

, which in principle

provoked the understanding that the troops are packing up and leaving

," she explained.

"Exit" of Russians from Novaya Kakhovka: what is known

We will remind you that in the evening briefing on March 23, the General Staff published information about the "withdrawal" of all units of the Russian army from Novaya Kakhovka, located on the left bank of Kherson region.

And before that, they robbed the local population, stealing household appliances and valuables. 

In the same evening, the Ukrainian command denied its previous statement, explaining that it was "

incorrect use of available data."

However, as they said in the "South" operational command, there are already signs that the occupiers are preparing for a "gesture of goodwill" in the Kherson region.

There, the invaders are already packing their suitcases and sending the looted things to the Russian Federation.

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