"South Asia ROTC Professional University" held its 5th anniversary celebration. The picture shows the performance of the ROTC honor guard.

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)

[Reporter Li Rongping/Taoyuan Report] The "South Asia ROTC Professional University" (Reserve Officer Training Corps) certified by the Ministry of National Defense has recruited 600 students. Today they gathered together to participate in the 5th anniversary celebration activities, including the first military parade and honor guard performance Waiting to show the mighty military power.

The reserve officer class originated from the "Reserved Officers Training Corps" (Reserved Officers Training Corps, referred to as ROTC) system in the United States. In order to train junior officer manpower, the Ministry of National Defense cooperates with civilian universities to handle recruitment.

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"South Asia ROTC Professional University" recruits 200 ROTC students every year. Many young students join the University Reserve Officer Training Corps. Some even voluntarily renounce American citizenship, and even officers who have completed 4 years of college and entered the army to join the ranks of ROTC reserve officers. During this period, he saved millions of dollars in tuition fees, and after becoming an officer, his monthly salary exceeded 50,000 yuan, allowing young military officers to pay the down payment to buy a house in Taoyuan just after graduation, which is the envy of many office workers.

Including Feng Shikuan, chairman of the Retirement Association, Huo Shouye, chairman of the National Defense Security Research Institute, Pu Zechun, former deputy minister of national defense, Su Junbin, deputy mayor of Taoyuan City, Luo Shifeng, founder of Nanya ROTC Professional University, and Lian Xinzhong, the principal, co-chaired the celebration ceremony and witnessed The military prestige of the reserve officers.

Huo Shouye encouraged students to stick to their goals in life, never forget their original intention of serving the country, and believed that they would be able to develop competently in various fields of the armed forces in the future.

Feng Shikuan said that ROTC in the United States has produced many excellent generals such as commanders, chiefs of staff, and commanders-in-chief. It is a great system. Driven by the development of the ROTC system, it can develop the source of junior officers for the national army and meet the manpower needs of grassroots troops. South Asia Institute of Technology is willing to transform into a professional ROTC university for the Ministry of National Defense. It will train grassroots cadres of the national army as the core goal of the school. Give students more opportunities for internships, go to the frontier or outlying islands to increase their knowledge, and turn professional soldiers into "volunteer soldiers."

Pu Zechun mentioned that ROTC recruitment was difficult in the past. In recent years, the Ministry of National Defense has actively promoted recruitment and established the Ministry of National Defense ROTC professional university and national defense training class, which has greatly improved the recruitment performance.

Four years ago, he encouraged his nephew Pu Zhenyu to join South Asia ROTC. He is now a senior student in the Department of Economics and Engineering and joined the flag team. He affirmed the effectiveness of ROTC training. Way.