Police at Din Daeng Police Station detained "Immigration Inspector", one of the Chinese businessman Um Ried gang.

Detention in court with objection to bail

He had a serious expression on his face.

still giving denial

While his girlfriend is charged with giving shelter

issued an arrest warrant for another 1, acting as a target

Progress on the case of the immigration police

Caused to steal 10 million baht worth of Chinese people and Thai female Chinese translators.

Soi Pracha Songkroh 2, Din Daeng Police Station area, after Pol.Lt.Col. Jiraphat Boonnam, Superintendent of the Immigration Bureau 1, along with his girlfriend, surrendered to the investigators at Din Daeng Police Station. .Bang Lamung, Chonburi Province

Most recently, at 9:40 a.m. on March 25, 2023, investigators at the Din Daeng Police Station detained Pol.

to submit a request for detention in detention for 12 days at the Central Criminal Court for corruption and misconduct cases

Offenses of concomitant detention or imprisonment of others

together to rape others

and an official performing or omitting to perform duties wrongfully under section 157

The investigating officer filed the petition against the bail.

because there is reason to believe that the accused will flee, will interfere with evidence and cause other dangers

And there was a disobedient behavior, not meeting according to the order of the commander.

In addition, groups were gathered together to prepare to escape and not enter justice.

In addition, the case has a high penalty rate and the accused is a government official.

By jointly committing multiple crimes

which is an act that damages the image of the organization

It was a case that attracted public attention.

In addition, the victim is a woman who is afraid of being harmed.

However, during the detention of the car

Police Major Jiraphat

Has a stern expression and does not answer any questions from the media

Col. Narawut Raksawong, Superintendent of the Din Daeng Police Station, revealed that the accused was still stressed throughout last night's interrogation.

and the accused continues to deny

in which the accused asked to testify in court

As for Ms. Thanyaporn Phathanothai, 27 years old, girlfriend of Pol.Maj. Jirapat

who surrendered together according to an arrest warrant issued by the Don Mueang District Court on charges of sheltering or supporting violent perpetrators

According to the Criminal Code, Section 189, was sent to the investigating officer.

Thung Song Hong Police Station

prosecuted under an arrest warrant last night

because it is the area where the offense was committed

which the girlfriend picks up

Pol.Lt.Col.Jiraphat at Immigration Bureau 1 to take him away

Col. Marut Sudnongbua, Superintendent of the Thung Song Hong Police Station, revealed that initially the girlfriend confessed.

And today, prepare to bring him to the Don Mueang District Court.

without submitting an objection to the bail

Due to the imprisonment charge of not more than 2 years and it is at the discretion of the court to consider

It is reported that the progress of expanding the results of issuing arrest warrants for those involved in the police movement

Immigration officers hold victims of extortion

There is one more important suspect acting as a target for Chinese police gangs who extort money.

Currently, the police are in the process of gathering evidence to issue an arrest warrant.

It is expected that more progress will be made soon.