the US,

a bipartisan group of senators appealed to President Joe Biden to hand over to the International Criminal Court evidence of Russian war crimes committed by the occupiers in Ukraine.

This is reported by CNN with reference to the letter.

The senators emphasize that supporting the international investigation is important so that President-dictator Vladimir Putin and his entourage understand that "responsibility for their crimes is approaching."

"Last year's bipartisan action by Congress to strengthen this support was done in cooperation with your administration to balance all perspectives on the U.S. relationship with the ICC. However, months after the ICC has been working to build cases against Russian officials, including Putin himself, The United States reportedly still has not shared key evidence that could aid in their prosecution," the letter said.

The letter was signed by Democratic senators Richard Durbin, Sheldon Whitehouse, Robert Menendez and Richard Blumenthal.

On behalf of the Republicans, the appeal to the head of state was signed by Lindsay Graham and Tom Tillis.

It will be recalled that the International Criminal Court 

issued an arrest warrant for the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin


These are crimes committed in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

In particular, the illegal deportation of children to the Russian Federation.

ICC prosecutors say that the arrest warrants for Putin and child rights commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova 

will remain in effect for the rest of their lives

, until they appear in court. 

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