The company encourages people to take more public transportation during the Qingming Festival, and offers 87 passenger transportation 15% discounts and other discounts.

(Photo by reporter Zheng Weiqi)

[Reporter Zheng Weiqi/Taipei Report] Next Saturday will be the 5-day consecutive Ching Ming Festival holiday. The Highway Administration of the Ministry of Communications predicts that there will be 20 road sections that are prone to congestion. From 00:00 on the 31st to 24:00 on April 5th, 87 medium- and long-distance national highway passenger routes will be launched to enjoy weekday discounts or 15% discounts, and use electronic tickets to enjoy half-price on 48 Taiwan-friendly routes.

In addition to the characteristics of returning to hometown to worship ancestors and returning to work after taking leave, as the epidemic slows down, it is expected that many people will go out for travel during the Qingming holiday.

Mr. Gong said that it is estimated that the continuous holidays of the Qingming Festival will start to appear in succession from the afternoon of March 31, and the wave of sightseeing and tourist vehicles will emerge in major tourist hotspots from April 1 to the morning of April 4. Tomb-sweeping vehicles The tide will be concentrated in the adjacent cemetery road sections from April 4th to the morning of April 5th, and the traffic tide returning to work is expected to start from the afternoon of April 4th to April 5th.

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The company predicts that the provincial highways will be easily congested during the Qingming holiday, including the main arterial roads in the area, the Suhua Highway on the Taiwan Line 9, the South-Way Highway on the Taiwan Line 9, the Shuidiliao-Fenggang section of the Taiwan Line 1, and the Fengbi-Xiangshan Road on the Taiwan Line 61. Road section, Zhunan section of Taiwan 61 line and Zhongzhang Bridge of Taiwan 61 line; Taiwan line 64, Taiwan line 65, Taiwan line 74, Taiwan line 86, and Taiwan line 88 expressways connecting expressways, and Taiwan line 18 connecting countries There will be a flood of traffic at the intersection.

During the holidays, many Chinese people will go out for travel. Mr. Gong said that the important scenic spots are adjacent to the road sections, such as the Fulong section of Taiwan Line 2, the Wanli-Dawulun section of Taiwan Line 2, the Guandu-Danshui section of Taiwan Line 2 and Taiwan 2B, The Daxi section of Taiwan Highway 3, the Jiaoxi section of Taiwan Highway 9, the Wushe-Cingjing Farm of Taiwan Highway 14A, the surrounding areas of Sun Moon Lake on Taiwan Highway 21, the Fenggang-Kenting section of Taiwan Highway 26, etc., are predicted to have traffic surges.

In order to relieve congested road conditions, the General Administration of Highways will plan alternative road guidance, flexibly adjust the signal time system, control the closure of some intersections, and control the passage of large trucks according to the traffic characteristics of each road section during consecutive holidays, and coordinate local police forces to strengthen traffic order on congested road sections Maintain and strengthen traffic control measures such as banning violations.

Relevant traffic information can be checked immediately on the website of the General Administration of Highways, or download the "Happy Highway App" to check real-time traffic conditions of provincial roads, alternative roads to national highways, traffic control measures, disaster prevention, and traffic life information.

Don’t want to drive on the road, the company encourages you to take more public transportation to enjoy a comfortable journey. The company said that from 0:00 on March 31 to 24:00 on April 5, it will launch a number of discounts for public national highways and highways, including 87 Enjoy weekday discounts or 15% discounts on medium and long-distance national highway passenger routes; take high-speed rail, Taiwan Railway or national highway passenger transport within 10 hours, and transfer to local passenger transport to enjoy a free discount for one section of ticket or basic mileage; use electronic tickets to take 48 Taiwan Express Enjoy half-price discounts on travel routes.

From 00:00 on April 1st to 24:00 on April 5th, two regionally limited preferential measures were launched for the eastern region, including the "local foot rental discount" measure, taking designated eastern national highway passenger routes, and holding the ticket stub to the designated eastern region. Car and motorcycle leasing operators can enjoy rental discounts when renting a car, and then hold the vehicle rental voucher to enjoy a discount on the return passenger fare (200 yuan for car rental, 100 yuan for locomotive); Or the Taiwan Good Travel Package, you can enjoy "4 people traveling together for 1 person for free" when you take the designated Eastern National Highway passenger route back and forth, and enjoy a 200 yuan discount on the total fare for the return journey. Choose one of the above two discounts to use.

Various traffic control and diversion measures on provincial highways during the consecutive holidays of Tomb-sweeping Day.

(Picture: Provided by the General Administration of Highways)

During the Qingming holiday, the provincial roads in scenic spots are prone to congested roads and time periods.

(Picture: Provided by the General Administration of Highways)

During the Qingming holiday period, connect the national roads and the congested sections and time periods.

(Picture: Provided by the General Administration of Highways)

During the Qingming holiday, major intercity roads are prone to congested periods and road sections.

(Picture: Provided by the General Administration of Highways)