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Impact cleaning of the Stolipinovo district in Plovdiv, after an inspection by the prosecutor's office, ordered by Ivan Geshev.

In a complaint addressed to the attorney general, residents of the area complained that not enough effort was being made to keep the neighborhood clean.

However, the inspection showed that the municipal company "Chistota" is doing everything necessary, but despite this, the area is drowning in garbage.

According to the complaint, signed by 9 people, there are not enough garbage collectors in Stolipinovo and the garbage collection equipment does not enter the neighborhood regularly.

However, the prosecutor's office did not confirm this.

"On the contrary, garbage collection in the Stolipinovo district has literally tripled within three years, I mean the use of garbage collectors and garbage cleaning equipment, unlike other neighborhoods where the same equipment enters roughly once a day, in this district the equipment enters 2 times, 3 times a day times, and sometimes more. We found that in a large part of the cases where the Municipality has placed containers for garbage collection, these containers are generally not used, and the waste, mostly of a domestic nature, is not thrown into the containers, and next to them", said Galin Gavrilov - Deputy District Prosecutor.

The same is said by "Chistota" - the buckets are empty, and piles of garbage are burying the neighborhood.

However, 200 more bins will be placed in the neighborhood.

Not from time to time, but constantly cleaned here, says the municipality.

But they admit that they cannot deal with the problem.

"We work here 7 days a week. Despite everything, we cannot control this process - the army of polluters is much bigger than the army of those who clean", said Anesti Timchev - Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv, reports BNT.

In Stolipinovo, however, they do not indicate the culprits for the huge landfills.

16 are the big illegal dumps in the neighborhood.

In addition to heavy equipment, video surveillance will also be included in the battle with them.

The places where the municipal security cameras will be placed are currently being discussed.

They are cleaning "Stolipinovo" after the intervention of the prosecutor's office

"At the moment we are working together with the district municipality to be able to provide electrical power for these cameras so that we can actually put cameras and the least that is to stop these companies that come to dump waste here for free." said Dimitar Georgiev - director of OP "Cleanliness" - Plovdiv.

The regional town hall insists that the intensive cleaning of the neighborhood should become daily.

"And there should be stricter control. Both on the preventive activity not to throw away waste, and on the garbage collection authorities to monitor how much waste in how many courses are made, and to increase both garbage containers and a campaign , which is for the residents of the neighborhood," said Ivan Stoyanov - mayor of the "Iztochen" district.

Video surveillance of the 5 entrance-exit arteries of Stolipinovo is also being considered.