March 25, 2023 - Saturday.

395th day of the war in Ukraine.

What a church holiday tomorrow, March 25

March 25 in the church calendar is

the day of memory of Reverend Feofan the Confessor


Born in Constantinople to a noble Byzantine family, his father was prefect of the Aegean Islands.

He was orphaned at an early age, so the Byzantine emperor Constantine V Kopronimus began to monitor his education.

Soon after marrying an aristocratic woman with whom he lived in purity, he became a monk.

He founded a monastery near Cyzicus.

During his lifetime, Feofan built three monasteries, in one of them he was even the abbot.

In 787, he was at the II Council of Nicaea, during which he defended icon worship.

Between 810 and 814 he wrote his main work entitled "Chronography", which contained short annual descriptions of events and chronological tables.

However, they were full of inaccuracies.

What can not be done on this day

  • You can't sit idle, so you shouldn't be lazy.

  • It is forbidden to slander, swear, fight.

  • Great Lent is in progress, so it is forbidden to eat meat, dairy products, and eggs.

  • It is not possible to knit and sew.

  • It is not recommended to cut or dye your hair.

Folk signs and traditions for March 25

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day: 

  • looked at what day it is today: really spring weather, which means there will be a lot of rain in the summer;

  • frost on trees - to rainy June;

  • thick fog outside - expect a good harvest of hemp, flax and oats;

  • it is raining - warming will come soon;

  • ice lingers on the rivers - you can not wait for a warm summer.

On March 25, frost on the trees — until rainy June / Photo: Pexels

On this day, the people tried to "appease" the birds by treating them with flax and hemp seeds.

On March 25, they tried not to gossip or quarrel, because they believed that this could bring misfortune in the near future.

They also didn't take garbage out of the house, because they believed that they carried their happiness with it.

Weather for March 25

Tomorrow, March 25, the weather will be cloudy in Kyiv, without precipitation.

It is gloomy in Lviv, there will be heavy rain all day, which will weaken by the evening.

The weather is cloudy in Kharkiv, no precipitation is expected.

The weather is clear in Odesa, without precipitation.

The air temperature in Kyiv is +16 during the day and +11 at night.

In Lviv — +11 during the day and +9 at night.

In Kharkiv — +16 during the day and +10 at night.

In Odesa, it is +11 during the day and +8 at night.

Commemorative dates of March 25

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for March 25:

  • 1306 — Robert the Bruce is crowned monarch of Scotland;

  • 1596 — a battle between the Ukrainian rebels of Severyn Nalivaik and the army of the Polish hetman Zholkivskyi in the tract of Sharp Stone;

  • 1655 - Christian Huygens discovers Saturn's moon Titan;

  • 1668 - the first horse races in America take place;

  • 1807 — the British Parliament adopts the Slave Trade Prohibition Act by 283 votes to 16;

  • 1821 - the Greek uprising against the Ottoman rule breaks out under the leadership of Alexander Ypsilanti;

  • 1848 — The Spring of Nations: the draft Constitution developed by a committee led by Minister of the Interior Pillersdorf was published in Vienna;

  • 1857 - a solar eclipse is observed in Brisbane (Australia) for the second time in a row;

  • 1857 - Parisian Leon Scott receives a patent for the oldest known sound recording device;

  • 1876 ​​— the Welsh national football team, one of the oldest in the world, plays its first match;

  • 1916 - women in the USA are allowed to attend boxers' fights;

  • 1917 - the Provisional Government's resolution on the abolition of the death penalty is issued;

  • 1940 - Yugoslav Prince Pavlo Karageorgievich signs an agreement on mutual assistance with Italy and Germany;

  • 1957 — Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands sign the fundamental European integration treaties in Rome, which established the EEC and Euratom;

  • 1977 - Elvis Costello releases debut single "Less Than Zero";

  • 1983 - on the television program "Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever", Michael Jackson demonstrates a dance element called "Moonwalk";

  • 1988 - Australian Neville Patten builds the world's smallest bicycle - its wheels were less than two centimeters in diameter;

  • 1992 — the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopts the Law "On the Security Service of Ukraine";

  • 1993 — the central bureau of Interpol of Ukraine is created;

  • 2011 — the Pope confirms the choice of the new head of the UGCC, he becomes the Supreme Archbishop of Kyiv-Halytskyi Shevchuk Svyatoslav;

  • 2013 - in the center of Paris, police use tear gas against participants of a protest rally for the repeal of the law legalizing same-sex marriage in France.

Name day: how to name a child born on March 25

What are the name days tomorrow:

Feofan, Grigoriy, Simeon, Semyon, Aron.

The talisman of a person born on March 25 is



There are different shades: from rich black with a metallic sheen to gray with red splashes.

Since ancient times, hematite has been considered the stone of men.

They believed that they needed it in order not to lose courage and to treat wounds received in battle.

Born on this day:

  • 1839 — Ukrainian scientist-ophthalmologist, doctor, teacher Hirshman Leonard Leopoldovych;

  • 1897 — Ukrainian military and political figure, active participant in the Ukrainian national liberation struggle Andruh Ivan;

  • 1909 — Ukrainian literary critic, theater critic, professor of the Ukrainian Free University in Munich, public and political figure, member of the OUN Branch Yuriy Boyko-Blokhin;

  • 1911 — Oleksandr Bandera, a Ukrainian politician, member of the OUN since 1933;

  • 1911 — Oleksiy Bogolyubov, a scientist in the field of history of mathematics and theory of mechanisms;

  • 1942 — Ukrainian poet Ivan Belyy;

  • 1942 - Ukrainian actor Yurii Brylynskyi;

  • 1950 — Borys Burda, a popular Ukrainian player in intellectual TV shows;

  • 1971 — Ukrainian publisher, journalist Pochynok Ihor Petrovych;

  • 1976 — Volodymyr Klitschko, a Ukrainian super heavyweight boxer.

What a day tomorrow is in Ukraine and the world

On March 25, the world celebrates Earth Hour / Photo: Pexels

On March 25, Ukraine celebrates

the Day of the Security Service


The professional holiday was initiated by President Leonid Kuchma on March 22, 2001.

The date of the celebration was not chosen by chance.

It was on this day in 1992 that the law on the Security Service of Ukraine was approved.

The SBU is a central state law enforcement agency with a special purpose.

The main tasks of the Security Service of Ukraine are: protection of the sovereignty of the state, fight against terrorism and corruption, help in strengthening the defense, promotion of economic growth, help in the political development of the country, information control of citizens, etc.

Earth Hour

is also celebrated on March 25


It falls on the last Saturday of March every year.

In the evening, you need to turn off the lights for one hour to show that you care about your planet.

For the first time, the event was held in the Australian city of Sydney.

It happened in 2007.

Then about 2,000 enterprises joined the action, people turned off electric lamps in their homes.

There was even one candlelight wedding that evening.

In 2008, Earth Hour already had a global scale.

It covered all continents, 18 time zones and more than 370 cities.

Currently, 190 countries of the world participate in the campaign every year.

It has become the most massive environmental movement in the world.

And March 25 is

Tolkien Reading Day.

The event is dedicated to the work of J.R.R.

Tolkien, who is known for his books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

The holiday was established by the Tolkien Society in 2003 to encourage fans to read and appreciate the works of this writer.

The date was chosen for a reason.

It was on this day in the books that the Lord of the Rings (Sauron) fell and Barad-dur fell.

International Waffle Day

is celebrated on March 25


It is known that even the inhabitants of Ancient Greece enjoyed waffles, but since then this dessert has developed and changed.

It is loved and baked all over the world.

Initially, this holiday began to be celebrated in the Scandinavian countries, because the people who live there are especially fond of this dessert.

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