Venerable Zachariah lived in the IV century in Egypt, BTA reminds.

He was the son of the Christian Carrion.

At that time monasticism began to develop and many people devoted themselves to an ascetic life in the deserts of Egypt.

And Zacharias, who was still a teenager, together with his father went to a desert monastery, where they both accepted monasticism.

Although younger than many brothers in the monastery, Zacharias was gifted by God with great grace.

When he talked about God and faith, he felt as if his whole inside was on fire.

Once the famous ascetic St. Macarius, in order to test him, asked what makes a monk a true monk.

Zechariah answered: That which constantly makes us fulfill God's commandments.

And when asked by the old man Moses, what it means to be a monk, Zechariah pointed out humility as the main condition.

Indeed, he was a model of humility, obedience and spiritual purity.

He died young, but remained an example to all.

Saint Artemon lived in the early days of the Church, when the gospel of Christ was gradually spreading in pagan societies.

Christian communities were founded in the cities, especially where the apostles preached in the 1st century and first planted the seeds of saving faith.

Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, preached God's word in the city of Seleucia, in the Asia Minor region of Pisidia (now Selef in Southwestern Turkey), and attracted chosen souls who formed the first church in that city.

In the 2nd century, the diligent and educated Christian preacher Artemon appeared there, whom the Christians elected as the first bishop.

He justified the hopes of the local believers and continued to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ, took care of the poor and widows, was an example for the believers in word and deed.

Reached old age,

We celebrate the memory of Reverend Jacob the Confessor