Netizens posted that a child care center in Tainan forced children to eat, "eat them as if they spit them out", and suppressed children during lunch breaks and forced them to stand.

(The picture is taken from the Facebook of the Breaking News Commune)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] A woman posted two photos of suspected child abuse in a childcare center in Tainan on the Breaking News Commune. Tart.

The Bureau of Social Affairs stated that it has sent personnel to the childcare center to inspect it today, and asked the childcare worker to suspend his duties for investigation.

A female childcare worker was feeding a 1-year-old toddler. The toddler seemed to be still crying. The original post said that the childcare staff was forcing the child to eat and threatened to "eat it as if it was spit out", " The bowl is just below and the food is spit out." "I don't know how the child's mother feels when she sees it?" Another scene is a lunch break. There are 3 children facing the wall, and 2 of them seem to be uncooperative. A nursery staff pressed their backs.

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The original PO said that he worked in this baby-sitting center. "As a 7-year undergraduate professional child-care staff, I was shocked to see this kind of picture", "Please choose the baby-sitting center carefully, really", "In the I really couldn't bear to see him bursting into tears at the scene", "I hope everyone will not encounter such a thing".

The Social Affairs Bureau pointed out that after receiving the information, it has immediately assigned social workers to the baby-care center to inspect it this morning. In order to protect the rights and interests of child care, the child-care worker has been asked to suspend his duties for investigation. Clarify whether the childcare staff has violated the Children's Rights Act and improper care.

The Bureau of Social Affairs stated that if the investigation proves that there is indeed improper care, the childcare center and childcare personnel will be punished according to the violation of the Children's Rights Law. In this situation, confirm the care status of the young children, and never allow the childcare staff to have inappropriate care behaviors.

☆Liberty Newsletter cares about you: If you suspect that a child has suffered physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual assault, or sexual harassment, please call the 113 special line. Through the connection service of professional social workers, children in life crisis can be rescued as soon as possible.

A netizen posted a post stating that a childcare center in Tainan was suspected of child abuse and had reported it to the Social Affairs Bureau.

(The picture is taken from the Facebook of the Breaking News Commune)