Vice President Lai Ching-teh attended the "Celebration of the 112th Year of the Republic of China Broadcasting Festival" on the 24th, and did not respond to media inquiries about the latest poll support.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xinde)

[Reporter Su Yongyao/Taipei Report] Vice President Lai Ching-teh attended the celebration of the Radio Festival this morning, thanking the broadcasters for bringing joy to all listeners regardless of region, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

He also shared with everyone that he used to be a broadcaster. He was the chief physician of Chengda Hospital at that time. He hosted the air medical network for about two years at Tainan Fucheng Radio Station, and voluntarily answered public questions about health knowledge on the program. I am very happy to spend the radio festival with you as a former broadcaster.

Lai Qingde said that broadcasters have their own broadcasting festival, which represents the affirmation and gratitude of the national society for the professionalism and contribution of broadcasters. He is honored to be invited to celebrate the broadcasting festival with all broadcasters. In addition to congratulating everyone on behalf of the president, he also thanked everyone 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, regardless of region to bring joy to all listeners.

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Lai pointed out that radio is the common memory of generations of Taiwanese. In 1925, Taiwanese heard radio for the first time. With the progress of the times, radio programs have become more diverse, including Taiwanese songs, martial arts novels and other radio dramas. Everyone is waiting in front of the radio to listen. These popular radio programs.

He also mentioned that every broadcaster is a dream maker and a magician of sound. He is accompanied 24 hours a day and brings everyone a sense of trust. He is the audience's lover and family member.

And the radio he listens to the most is the baseball program, just like watching a live game, it is more exciting than watching TV, so the radio has an irreplaceable position.

Vice President Lai said that radio not only brings joy to the audience, but also plays a role in social welfare, such as traffic conditions, typhoons, earthquakes or disaster relief, etc., are all transmitted through the radio in real time. world affairs", the importance of broadcasting is self-evident.

Vice President Lai Ching-teh (second from right) attended the "Celebration of the 112th Year of the Republic of China Broadcasting Festival" on the 24th, and met with Zhang Tiandang, chairman of the Broadcasting Association (second from left), Chen Yaoxiang, chairman of the National Communications Committee (first from right), and Shi Zhe, Minister of Culture (1st from left) Wait, let’s cut the cake together to celebrate Radio Festival.

(Photo by reporter Liu Xinde)