The Police Department continued to carry out a large-scale anti-crime project, and then swept the love fraud and drug distribution bases of the Mingren Society of the Bamboo Union. Director Huang Mingzhao was present to listen to the case explanation.

(Photo by reporter Qiu Junfu)

[Reporter Qiu Junfu/Taipei Report] Bamboo Union helped Ming Renhui's famous cars and cheongsam girls hold a high-profile spring wine, colluded with each other, and openly challenged public power. Target the gang members who participated in the spring wine, and smash two illegal groups under Mingrenhui's love fraud and drug distribution this week. Hustle and ask for warmth, defraud the way of love, and then claim family illness, car accident, etc. to defraud money. The International Division of the Criminal Bureau arrested 7 suspects including Xu the day before yesterday, and seized 2 properties under Xu’s name, with a market value of more than 15 million yuan.

According to the Police Department, so far in the special case operation, the third-party police have conducted joint inspections of the premises where the gangs are attached to, and requested adjudication of 250 cases.

The anti-gang section seized 267 gang members, including 117 members of the Bamboo Union Gang (including 65 members of Mingrenhui); the anti-crime section seized 116 cases of fraud syndicates and 559 suspects; the anti-drug section seized 1,357 cases and 1,450 people, and the gun section 41 guns, 42 people, 53 guns of various types were seized.

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According to the police investigation, the 28-year-old Xu Suan, nicknamed "Xiao Chi", was arrested by the International Division in August last year because he was involved in a fake investment fraud group. After finding out that Xu Suan bought the personal information of the alcoholic and the photo of the hostess from the unscrupulous cadres of the hotel, he randomly added the phone number left by the alcoholic to chat with LINE, and used the fake account of the hotel hostess to chat with the victim every day. .

Once the alcoholic falls in love, the members of the syndicate will use the excuses of family illness, car accident, urgent need for medical expenses, or wanting to quit the hotel but owe the hotel money, etc., to defraud the victim of money. , Pretended to accompany him to the night market, but in the end he was cheated out of a lot of money without even holding hands.

This Tuesday, the police arrested seven people, including Xu Suan and his core cadres, and seized a large number of stolen evidence such as computers, mobile phones, baseball bats, and watermelon knives. The amount amounted to more than 15 million yuan, and the investigation is continuing.

In addition, the 28-year-old member of the Mingren Club of the Bamboo Federation, surnamed Zhou, was suspected of recruiting members to sell drugged coffee bags in the Greater Taipei area for profit. At the group's drug distribution site, 6 suspects, including Zhou, were arrested and seized 381 packets of drugged coffee, 17 packets of ketamine, and stolen evidence such as scales, packaging bags, and money counters. Suspected, transferred to the prosecution for investigation.

The police cracked down on the love fraud criminal group headed by Xu Shihong, the leader of the Mingrenhui Red Group of the Bamboo Federation, and seized a large number of stolen evidence such as computers, mobile phones, baseball bats, and watermelon knives.

(Photo by reporter Qiu Junfu)

Seven people including the man Xu Shihong were transferred to the prosecution for investigation.

(Photographed by reporter Qiu Junfu)