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The Water and Sewerage Act provides for people to receive assistance when they cannot pay their water bill.

Interestingly, the institutions refuse to implement this law.

This was announced on the air of BNT by the ombudsman Diana Kovacheva

Diana Kovacheva was born in Sofia in 1975. She graduated in law at Sofia University "St. Kliment.

"I have sent an inquiry to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy about how many people have received such benefits.

It turned out that the Ministry believes that it is not appropriate to apply the text of the law.

Not all institutions refuse to recognize that this type of aid exists.

This text has existed since the law itself has existed - since 2005," she said.

"When the price of water is over BGN 5, apart from the relationship between water and quality, places with water regimes - there are people whose water is cut off and still cannot pay for it.

People can, under the Damages Act, seek their rights and these benefits retroactively.

I don't understand how you can refuse to apply the text of an existing law", she added.

The ombudsman is due to submit his report on last year: “2022 was the year of successful legislative proposals – five were passed in both parliaments.

Over 70,000 people have contacted the ombudsman.

Consumer complaints are 30% of all, the first being the price and quality of water, then the problems with electricity and heat supply.”

The ombudsman with a question to KEVR

On delayed disability pensions, she said: “The process has started, disability pensions are being paid, but not all people are on the lists.

One of the problems is that people cannot check in the NSI lists if and when they will receive their pension.

There is a lack of information campaign.

Separately, it takes one month from RZI to NOI to reach your documents, within the same settlement.

I don't know if they go, they gather them together.

These are problems that exist right now.

Now a new reform for electronicization is starting, a balance must be found between digitization and human presence.”

Kovacheva calls not to wait for three reports of domestic violence, but to act immediately, and regarding the law on personal bankruptcy, she stated: "I personally insisted and gave an opinion.

In the end, nothing came out, and that is very important.”

The ombudsman for raising the fees of mobile operators: It is not right, they are supported by the state

"What happened to the mobile operators is absurd.

None of the issues I have raised have been accepted by the CPC.

One of the mobile operators does not give the user the right to opt out of their services during indexing, the other two do.

I'm not saying that the business of the operators is not bright for them.

The state does something, but for their benefit - energy aid, for example, but it does not help the people", she added.

Diana Kovacheva