A human resources company in Sanchong overcharged migrant workers for agency services, and was fined more than 1.44 million yuan, but refused to pay; after the Shilin Branch Office took action, the full amount has been collected.

(Provided by Shilin Branch Office)

[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] A human resources company in Sanchong, New Taipei City illegally overcharged two Vietnamese laborers with agency service fees for 26 months, and was fined 10 times the fine, totaling more than 1.44 million yuan, but the company refused to pay and was arrested. The Shilin Branch of the Administration and Executive Office was on the lookout, and the company's property and bank deposits were seized by the branch, and the full amount has been collected.

The Shilin Branch Office stated that in order to meet the needs of domestic social and economic development, the government allows the reasonable introduction of relevant foreign human resources into the domestic job market, and at the same time pays more attention to and protects the relevant rights and interests of foreign workers.

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Therefore, in order to protect the minimum basic wages of foreign workers and prevent domestic labor agencies from charging extra fees under false pretenses, or even exorbitantly deducting the wages of foreign workers, our country has specially passed the Employment Service Law to stipulate that when private employment service agencies and their employees are engaged in employment services, It is forbidden to demand, contract or accept fees beyond the prescribed standards, or other improper benefits. If there is a violation, a fine of 10 to 20 times can be imposed.

However, Sanchong, a human resources company, recently accepted the entrustment of two Vietnamese workers to handle services and other related matters. It illegally overcharged a total of 26 months of agency service fees of 144,700 yuan, and was fined 10 times by the Labor Bureau of the Taipei City Government. 1.447 million yuan.

However, the human resource company failed to pay overdue, and was targeted by the Shilin Branch Office and found that the company had been dissolved in June 2022. Fortunately, the company's property and bank deposits were seized, and the full amount was collected.