When 39-year-old Michael went to a paradise in Thailand to challenge high-altitude jumping, the safety rope suddenly broke in the middle of the jump and fell directly into the lake, causing multiple injuries to his body.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] There was a high-altitude jumping accident in Thailand recently. A 39-year-old man went to a paradise in Pattaya last month to try to challenge high-altitude jumping. He fell straight to the bottom of the lake from a height of 10 meters, causing multiple injuries on the left side of the body, chest and lungs, and was rushed to the hospital for first aid to save his life. The whole thrilling process was recorded and uploaded by the crowd.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, Mike, a 39-year-old man from Hong Kong, and his friends traveled to Thailand last month. One day they arranged to go to a paradise in Pattaya to challenge high-altitude bounce. Unexpectedly, when he was about 5 meters high When jumping down from the bungee platform, the safety rope on his foot suddenly broke due to unknown reasons, and he fell straight to the bottom of the lake below. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured and swam to the shore immediately, and then the staff immediately sent him to the hospital First aid, but there were broken skin and bruises on the left half of his body, chest and many other places.

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Michael recently accepted an exclusive interview with Hong Kong media "Hong Kong 01" and said, "I was already quite scared standing on the high platform, so I closed my eyes the whole time I jumped down. Only when I opened my eyes did I realize that I was in the water."

Lu Jueqiang, a retired engineer from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Polytechnic University, said that it is speculated that the rope may be broken due to aging. Based on Michael's weight of about 170 pounds (about 77 kilograms) and height of 181 centimeters, the speed of the fall can reach 80 kilometers per hour. It may withstand an impact of about 530 pounds (about 240 kilograms), which is enough to shock the internal organs. Fortunately, it was cushioned by falling into the water.

After the incident, Michael asked the park for compensation, but the staff of the park said that Michael had to sign and agree to waive the responsibility of the park, otherwise he would only pay the local medical treatment and the high-altitude jump refund, a total of 2,300 Hong Kong dollars (about NT$8,947) in compensation. Michael turned to the Tourism Authority of Thailand and its Facebook to complain, but has not received any response so far.