Puffy Mouse Forest Park can attract thousands of people to play in the water during holidays.

(Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)

[Reporter Zhan Shihong/Yunlin Report] Children's Day is coming, and the Douliu Municipal Office will give children the best gift. It will use 30 million yuan to upgrade the children's playgrounds in 8 parks including Douliu to the CNS national safety standard. Another mayor Lin Shengjue also invites children to go to the Puffy Rat Paradise on April 1st to have fun. There are extreme sports equipment covering all ages waiting for you to play.

Lin Shengjue, Mayor of Douliu, said that Children’s Day is a special day for Douliu City. Every year, the office will hold activities to let parents and children have fun. Children’s Day on April 1 is also an important day for the first anniversary of the opening of the Puffy Rat Forest Park. , under the hard work of the public office team, it can now attract thousands of parents and children to visit and play during holidays. The results in just one year not only make Douliu City more lively, but also create sightseeing value for all to see.

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Lin Shengjue pointed out that in order to replicate the successful experience of the Puffy Rat Forest, under the subsidy of the Yunlin County government and the public office’s own funds, 30 million yuan will be spent to improve the children’s play facilities in the parks in the urban ring to meet the CNS national safety standards. These communities Parks include Douliu, Zhonghua, Chenggong Children, Chenggong, Longtan Neighborhood, Wende, Gongcheng and Yongle, and will continue to expand to parks outside the urban area in the future.

This year, the office will hold the Art and Culture Children's Festival with the theme of "Colorful Children's Day, Children's Amusement Park". The theme is based on the theme of the park, introducing pirate ships, small trains, Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds and extreme sports equipment covering all ages, echoing the pumpkin rat park Unique experience content, such as rock climbing air cushion, super large single-plank bridge, etc., create a unique children's carnival of Douliu.

This year's performances are also different from the previous ones, focusing on the art performances of schools at all levels in Douliu City. I hope that Douliu students can show their talents and celebrate their own good days together; Educational promotional items for children that "keep honesty and cleanliness" will allow parents and children to spend a very colorful day, creating the most bright art Children's Day event in Taiwan.

This year, Douliu City Office is holding an Art and Culture Children's Festival with the theme of "Colorful Children's Day, Children's Amusement Park".

(Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)

Douliu City Hall's "Colorful Children's Festival" will focus on art performances by schools at all levels in the city.

(Photo by reporter Zhan Shihong)