In conjunction with the refitting of the new tanks, the army planned and implemented the Kengzikou new tank training ground renovation project, but the progress was seriously behind, and the completion had to be postponed until 2026.

The picture shows the Armored Forces Training Headquarters of the Army held a "Training Activity for Tank Platoon" at the Kengzikou training ground, and the Army's CM11 tanks simulated a battle and fired artillery.

In addition, through the training of real soldiers, real vehicles, and live ammunition, the tank platoon crew members understand the importance of tacit understanding and the spirit of "same car, one life".

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[Reporter Luo Tianbin/Taipei Report] The United States sold 108 M1A2T tanks to Taiwan. The first batch of 38 tanks will be delivered directly to Taiwan in 2024. However, the Army will cooperate with the replacement of the new tanks and plan to implement the Kengzikou new tank training ground at the same time. The progress of the renovation project is seriously behind, and it must be postponed until 2026. Legislators are worried that it will affect the M1A2T tank replacement training. , Emphasizing that it will never affect the military test and training tasks.

According to the public budget document of the Ministry of National Defense, the timetable for the delivery of M1A2T tanks to Taiwan and the number of deliveries by year are: 38 vehicles in 2024, 42 vehicles in 2025, and 28 vehicles in 2026.

The Army Command previously stated that the procurement of the M1A2T combat vehicle has four major characteristics, including: rapid maneuverability, mastering the initiative on the battlefield; replacing old equipment, improving overall combat effectiveness; domain deployment, and strengthen the central security.

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In order to cooperate with the M1A2 tanks coming to Taiwan and refitting training, the army has successively launched the armored vehicle bunker project, as well as the expansion and renovation projects of the two training grounds in the Chang'an Camp and Kengzikou, so that the M1A2T tanks can have a greater battlefield survival The total investment of the three is more than NT$2.5 billion.

However, the main project, the renovation project of the Kengzikou training ground of the Ministry of Equipment and Training, which cost 1.19 billion yuan, has been postponed due to the sharp increase in various costs and poor bidding. The project will not be completed until 2026.

According to the latest report submitted by the Ministry of National Defense to the Legislative Yuan, there are 10 work items listed in the whole case of the Kengzikou Training Ground Renovation Project, which will be divided into two phases. Among them, the main expansion of the first and second shooting platforms and the movable target platform, Five items, including personnel shelters, will still be listed as the first phase of implementation projects, while five items, including fixed target platforms and machine gun shooting positions, will be relisted as the second phase of implementation.

The Ministry of National Defense further stated that the expansion of the first and second shooting platforms, in addition to meeting the current shooting subjects, also adds an instant stop shooting design, which can meet the requirements of the M1A2 tank for multi-target engagement training at different distances. The distance can be extended from the current 1340 meters to 1600 meters. In addition to meeting the requirements of the new tank shooting teaching standards, it also increases the effectiveness and requirements of multi-target and moving target engagement training.

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The United States sold 108 M1A2T combat vehicles to Taiwan, and the first batch of 38 vehicles will be directly delivered to Taiwan in 2024. However, the army plans to implement the Kengzikou new combat vehicle training ground renovation project in conjunction with the replacement of new combat vehicles. Seriously behind, it must be postponed until 2026 to complete.

The picture shows the US military M1A2 tank.

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