Tainan Yongkang Temporary Transfer Station opened.

(Photo by reporter Liu Wanjun)

[Reporter Liu Wanjun/Tainan Report] In order to improve the impact of the stop of the National Highway Passenger Station in Tainan Yongkang Yanhang area on the Provincial Highway 1, the Yongkang Temporary Transfer Station will be opened at 12:00 noon today (24th) to the nearby residents who take the bus "It should have been done a long time ago!"

The Yongkang Yanhang area is adjacent to the Yongkang Interchange of National Highway No. 1, Zhongshan Expressway. Due to the heavy traffic flow on the Provincial Highway No. 1, for a long time, passenger transport on the national highway stops at the side of the road to get on and off passengers, often causing locomotives and cars to fight for the road. At the beginning of the year, there was a locomotive. In order to dodge the passenger transport on the national highway that stopped ahead, the knight was hit and killed by a large truck coming from behind. With the expectation of the local government, when the Yongkang temporary transfer station was opened at noon today, the three national highway passenger transport stations were in place at Provincial Highway 1. Online sites are also canceled simultaneously.

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Around noon, there were passengers waiting for a ride in the three national highway passenger transport companies stationed there. Most of the passengers accepted the new station, and some thought the location was a bit remote. However, many local people said that the temporary transfer station has a large hinterland and the pick-up and drop-off stops The traffic was safer at that time, but it was still a bit chaotic when it first started to operate.

To make it easier for the public to familiarize themselves with the new station, from now until April 5th, there will be a free shuttle bus every 30 minutes from the original station to the Yongkang temporary transfer station, and the No. 5 bus in Tainan has also been extended to the temporary station Next to the transfer station.

Xu Jinlong, head of Tsutasong Village in Yongkang District, Zheng Jinzai, head of Yanxing Village, Liu Tianfu, head of Yanxing Village, and Changmao Sanbao in Yanzhou Village, and others from the local and surrounding areas also went to pay attention to the traffic conditions on the first day.

Changmao Sanbao of Yanzhou Village, Yongkang District, Tainan City, Xu Jinlong, Chief of Tsutasong District, Zheng Jinzai, Chief of Yanxing District, and Liu Tianfu, Chief of Yanxing District (from left to right), went to care about the first day of the Yongkang temporary transfer station. .

(Photo by reporter Liu Wanjun)