Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe praised the little yellow bus for providing convenient public transportation in remote areas.

(Photo by reporter Yang Jincheng)

[Reporter Yang Jincheng/Tainan Report] The Tainan Xiaohuang bus, which has been well received by the local government, opened two routes "Yellow 2" and "Huang 2-1" in Liujia District for the first time. It is on the road today (24th). The basic mileage is free for 8 kilometers, and you can also make an appointment to take a ride. The special line for calling a car is 06-3000000.

Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe expressed the hope that the small yellow bus will be convenient for rural residents to use for medical treatment, school, shopping or visiting friends. With the fare of the bus, they can enjoy the service of a taxi. The total length of the "Huang 2-1" line is only 3.5 Kilometers, ride is equal to free.

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Including Wang Mingde, Director of Nanshi Transportation Bureau, Chen Qirong, Mayor of Liujia District, Lu Huangnan, Mayor of Dongshan District, and Councilor You Rongzhi attended the opening to traffic, a local happy event.

Wang Mingde said that the newly opened "Yellow 2" in Liujia District can go deep into the settlements of Wangye Palace, Paiziliao, Xikou Little Switzerland and other settlements in the mountainous area, connect the urban area of ​​Liujia and the mountainous area, and add Liuying Chimei Hospital, Donggao Gnat, and Paiziliao There are 4 reserved stop signs such as Chiwangfu and Nanshi Kengkou; "Huang 2-1" is the newly opened Xiaohuang bus route. It runs from Linfengying Railway Station to the local palace temple and local activity center in Jingpuli. There are 3 fixed stops every day There is also an appointment stop sign for Liuying Chimei Hospital for commuting flights, which is convenient for folks to seek medical treatment.

The Department of Public Transportation of Tainan City pointed out that in the first half of the year, Tainan plans to open 11 small yellow bus routes, and has received a subsidy of 8.59 million yuan from the Highway Administration, and is also seeking funding for the second half of the year.

Tainan Xiaohuang bus, for the first time, opened two routes, "Yellow 2" and "Yellow 2-1" in Liujia District, and it started on the road today (24th).

(Photo by reporter Yang Jincheng)